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It's frustrating when you accidentally delete text messages in your phone that are of high importance. They may be sentimental (from an ex partner or someone close to you who has died), or they may contain important account information that you can't get a duplicate of.

Most people think that when they delete text messages from their phones, the messages are gone forever. This is not the case!!

When you delete messages and contacts from your phone, they don't get immediately removed from your sim card. They only get marked as 'not important' and will remain hidden on the card until you save new messages or contacts which will then overwrite them.

All you need to get back your data is a USB sim card reader, and a sim recovery program. The problem is that most programs cost extortionate amounts of money and, when you only want to recover text messages once or twice, it isn't worth it.

Well, here we will tell you how to retrieve deleted text messages in a few minutes, without spending more than a couple of dollars. This method works on any phones with a sim card and you will be able to retrieve most deleted information including text messages, contacts and even certain other forms of media.

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